What is this life, if it be not mixed with some delight? And what delight is more pleasing than to see the fashions and manners of unknown places?ˮ

Sabine Baring-Gould 1891

The Eye is Delighted is a Spanish registered local company with office in Alcorisa in north-eastern Spain. According to Consejería de Turismo Gobierno de Aragón law Decreto 39/2021, 10th of February -company registration number under licence number TA-TE-02 / VAT number ES 25139013J /

Registered Address: San Pascual s/n, Alcorisa, 44550 Spain. Tourism active/outdoor company compulsory labelled. See the link for more information and documentation: http://www.boa.aragon.es 

Professional Third Party Liability Insurance: Berkeley Insurance

Mobil: +34 636 520 746               

Land line: + 34 978 883 214

Email address: assistance@theeyeisdelighted.com

Although we are not only numbers, we are a team that allows each member to shine. Treating clients as if they were family members is both a guiding principle and a way of life for us. Comprised of a group of suppliers, the Eye is Delighted is dedicated to listening intently and matching individuals and landscape experiences, close observation of the natural world and the importance of the imagination and delightful.

Boasting decades of experience in the tourism industry and deep roots in this mediterranean region, the team excels in creating tailor-made trips focus on give you very honest service and value for money.

Ignacio Terés

Hi. I’m Ignacio Terés, how can I help you?

​​​​​​​We understand that purchasing holidays from companies you may not have heard of may cause some concern, especially when they are based in another country. The Eye is Delighted select to you what is surely one of the last hidden places of Spain.

Ignacio Terés brings a lifetime of connecting landscape and emotion and a strong background in Spanish History, Geology, and Botanic. He underlines the visual emphasis of the picturesque and its appreciation of landscape as an artistic composition by Nature itself. Since 1995 he quitted his agriculture engineering job and turn his mountain hobby into a business. As a UIMLA certified mountain leader is a veteran and a deep drive to help romantic 18th Century travelers by finding their expectations in 21st Century.