• The Central & Western Pyrenees

    Phase 2 plan sets off at Escalona village the entrance of Añisclo and Ordesa National Park (Central Pyrenees). The great ones arrive, not only because of the height which is eventually a modern convention, but also because of provides more dramatic mountain scenery. Seven days later we get to last landmark, Higuer Lighthouse in the western side (Hondarribia & Cantabrian Sea).

    Total distance on foot: 111 km / 70 miles

    Total approximate time: 44 h.

    Real walking time: 31 h.

    Level: moderate difficulty.

    8 days / 7 nights / 7 days walking.

    Start: Escalona (Huesca).

    Finish: Hondarribia ( Guipuzkoa)

  • The Eastern & Central Pyrenees

    Phase 1 plan sets off at the east coast. The emotional itinerary begins at the mediterranean Cap de Creus Lighthouse, as the mountain range decides it is time to emerge gently from the sea blue,  a fraternal and short goodbye between water and land. The path leads to Ordesa National Park (Central Pyrenees) to find it again on next phase.

    Total distance on foot: 87 km / 54 miles

    Total approximate time: 38 h.

    Real walking time: 26 h.

    Level: moderate difficulty.

    8 days / 7 nights / 6 days walking.

    Start: Figueres (Girona).

    Finish: Escalona (Huesca)

Spanish Transpyrenees trip in 12 stages

  • Consider train travel to Barcelona, Zaragoza, San Sebastián.

Travel sustainable to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Comfortable accommodation.

The features of this Transpyrenees trail version becomes more suited to hikers who wish to have nightly access to facilities (e.g. accommodation and food) found in the villages at the foothills of the mountains.

  • Better weather always on the southern Spanish side.

From the sunny and mild weather of the Catalan shore cost to the bare green and rolling foothills of the Basque Country, The Pyrenees have something for everyone: fantastic scenery, great places to stay and variety.

  • The Friendliness of the People.

Spanish Pyrenees Mountain Range has had a very long tradition of hospitality. Hosts are more readily prepared to go that extra step to help hikers.

  • The best cost of living and food ?.

Do you know which side is the best? Better quality of hotels and food in Spain compared to the French side (and better pricing at the same time!).