• Cantavieja village. Population: 800 inhabitants.
  • Close by: Morella, Iglesuela del Cid, Mirambel.
  • Meals provided.
  • Standard: Casa Rural (Guest house).
Detailed Tour

Detailed Tour


Activities & What to see

1 day tour around: La Iglesuela del Cid and dry stone walling landscapes.

La Iglesuela del Cid a Templar village laid on The Way of El Cid The Knight. Inside its walls you find renaissance palaces. Circular walk: Dry stone walling and La Virgen del Cid Ermitage. 6 km. One of the most common cultural memories is awakened by dry stone walling huts. They give evidence of the mountain landscape significance. After 1850 farm activity stagnated because of war and migration from rural districts. Even so, the natural resources of the plateaus still have importance. Every year herds of sheep or cows are released into the pastures.

2 days tour around: La Cañada de Benatanduz, Villarluengo, Pitarque.

On the way to Pitarque river springs do not forget to visit the villages of Cañada de Benatanduz and Villarluengo, both appear, lying on the edge of a rock and surrounded by a steep ravine as a safe haven and both like templars’ nest in XII century.

3 days tour around: Morella.

From a distance we can see the town walls that embrace the impressive rocky mass rising up over 1000 metres high on top of which sits the Castle; A fortress that encapsulates the past, present and future of this emblematic town. Morella has always been in contact with foreign markets. As is well known, commerce is not simply the exchange of commodities. Cultural exchange matters as much.

What is included in this picturesque tour?



  • 3 days accommodation and breakfast.
  • 24/7 emergency telephone number.
  • Taxes.

Not included

  • Transport to Cantavieja
  • Meals.
  • Insurance.


  • Extended stays.
  • Local guide: € 90 per day (English spoken). Please ask us about
  • Route book: € 20/party (maps and notes send by mail).

* 105EUR per person in a double room. 30% deposit at booking. The rest to be paid 30 days prior to departure. Read conditions.

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ perceptions

Travelers’ perceptions

Wandern in der Stille. Maestrazgo wanderurlaub. Das erste, was meine Augen sahen, war die unendliche Weite des Himmels.Das erste, was meine Ohren hörten, war das Raunen des Windes in den alten Bäumen. Das erste, was mein Herz berührte, war die Schönheit der schroffen Berge und der zarten Blumen. Das erste, was meine Hände fühlten, war die Härte der Steine auf dem Acker.ˮ

Gabriele — Leipzig. Deutschland

Labyrinth of Silence. Maestrazgo. I did the Labyrinth of Solitude self-guided walking tour in May and it was a wonderful experience in every respect. I had wanted to try a walking tour for some time but was looking for a more solitary, out-of-the-way experience than some of the more popular routes. The Eye is Delighted experience ended up being perfect. The routes were gorgeous and varied, and just challenging enough without being exhausting. Everyone I met, from owner Ignacio to each host, was welcoming and helpful. Everything was perfectly organized and coordinated. For the price point, this is an incredible value, and I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants a great walking experience and a unique chance to get to know the beautiful Maestrazgo region of Spain.ˮ

Mary Ruth — Bronx, NY, USA