• 87 km / 54 miles
    6-day hike
  • Walking time estimated: 26 h
  • Total time:
    38 h
  • Grade: Moderate difficulty
Detailed Tour

Detailed Tour


Meet up in Figueres. Briefing.

We have plan to start your hike in the small Spanish village of Figueres. Let us know potential schedules and we advise you how to get the meeting point and return to the airport/train station. Nearest ones are Barcelona airport/train station. Alternative routes from Gerona, Toulouse, and Zaragoza airports/train stations.

In addition to offer the very best landscapes, you never miss a comfortable room and a proper local food at dinner. Don’t get me wrong, guy, this is not only the way to experience a rough idea about the mountain range, but also a challenge, salty sweat and effort.

Pyrenees mountain range rocks!!!. Are you ready? Are you ready guy to start? Let’s kick off the adventure!!!


Cap de Creus Lighthouse-Port de La Selva

11 km / +270 m. One-way.

Here you are the first-day landmark of Cap De Creus lighthouse. Set off from Cadaqués towards the lighthouse access parking lot (shuttle). The sentimental itinerary begins as the mountain range decides to emerge from the sea blue, gently in a fraternal relationship between water and land. The path to follow leads us to El Port de La Selva where we will say goodbye to the sea to find it again in 12 days.

Transfer to Camprodon.



13 km / +800 m. One-way. Highest point 1,900 m.

The mountains ascend from the coastal plains in a series of foothills Second day shows us those regions of low hills and confused topography, accesible still to human effort and desperation in many ways. Romans conquest, pilgrims faith, shattered republicans, maqui forces, French resistance, Spanish passeurs, are some of them and depicted by iconic places. Still gentle foothills and wide horizons of meadows, where the mountain begins without devouring you actually.

Transfer to Camprodon.


Vallter 2000 - Nuria Shrine

13 km / +900 m. One-way. Highest point 2,821 m.

Transfer from Camprodon to Walter 2000. Through the upper basin of the Ter and Freser rivers, the route mainly runs above 2,200 meter height, where only grass species cope with sun and cold. It has been a while since the last conifers, the bravest ones (Pius uncinata), have given up on their ascent. Ageing sceneries due to strong erosion, surrounded by peaks and hills and almost 3,000 meter above sea level.

The day ends up getting into Nuria sanctuary, one of the many that we find throughout the mountain range, as if the hardness of mountain requires an infrastructure of miracle and worship to ease the efforts.

Transfer to Andorra.


Os de Civis - Burg Bordas

16 km / +1120 m. One-way. Highest point 2,308 m.

Transfer from San Julia de Loira to Os de Civis. The Pyrenees considered as a common place, way of life, architecture and customs among different people and languages. Valleys dotted with huts, cattle settlements and small villages. Permeable line, it is witness to legal and illegal exchange. But also as an insurmountable natural barrier of defensive fortifications. This is the case of the P Line or Pyrenees Line, built by the Franco government after the Civil War between the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian Sea with an extension of about 500 km. We will find last vestiges of all this in La Sierra de Maniga.

Transfer to Espot.


Sant Maurici and Aigües Tortes National Parks

18 km / +650 m. One-way. Highest point 2,424 m.

We walk still through the eastern part of The Pyrenees, granites, print of glaciers, loose boulders, lakes, and splendid reliefs that extend through Vallé de Arán, Sant Maurici, Els Encantants and Aiguas Tortes. Encounters with the landscape and its colours will be exciting, and inspiring. Look back and around several times to understand the pity of have to move forward.

Transfer from Boi to Escalona village.


Espierba - Pineta

14 km / +894 m. One-way. Highest point 2,155 m.

Westernmost sector of the Ordesa National Park. Transfer from Escalona to Espierba. We will follow a combination of PR's and GR11 always pursuing the beauty that stitches live rock scenarios with forests and deep glacial valleys. The Sierra Espierba, performs a splendid, extended loop around Pineta Valley, and excellent viewpoint towards Monte Perdido, Marboré Balcony and Cinca Water Falls. The descent leads us through a tectonic window of La Larri hanging glacial valley and Pineta Cirque.

Transfer to Escalona village.



The best-served airports/railway stations near western side are Toulouse (France) and Bilbao ( Basque country). Let us know potential schedules and we advise you how to get the meeting point and return to the airport/train station.

What is included in this picturesque tour?



  • 8 days / 7 nights / 6 days walking. Half board.
  • Briefing at spot is delivered.
  • Everyday internal transfers mentioned.
  • Baggage transport.
  • Route book (maps and notes send by mail).
  • 24/7 satelital emergency device (Garmin).
  • UIMLA Mountain leader (English spoken).
  • Taxes.

Not included

  • Transfers days 1st and last day from / to starting point (Figueres, Escalona, Irún).
  • Picnic or packed lunch.
  • Shuttle to Cap de Creus (7€/pp).
  • Train Nuria to Ribes (21,50€/pp).
  • Taxi to Boí. (5,75€/pp).


  • Single room (single use fee).

* 260EUR per person in a double room. 30% deposit at booking. The rest to be paid 30 days prior to departure. Read conditions.

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ perceptions

Travelers’ perceptions

Ha sido, para mi, una experiencia única. Mi agradecimiento a Ignacio, por su profesionalidad, organización y su trato exquisito, hacia todos los participantes del grupo. He tenido el placer de compartir, esta experiencia, con un grupo excelente de personas que han hecho de la Transpirenaica un recuerdo imborrable. Gracias a tod@s. September 05, 2022ˮ

Juan Verdugo — A Coruña (Spain)

Eind augustus we een prachtige 8-daagse trekking gedaan in de Pyrenees: een prachtige route, door majestueuze en desolate landschappen. Ik sliep altijd in een fijne accommodatie met lekkere maaltijden. Bedankt Ignacio voor de perfecte organisatie en het fijne contact.ˮ

Eli & Wim — Gent (België)