• Las Moradas del Temple

    Who can resist the full immersion in history and places? From now on, we plan to surprise with an exclusive experience in Spain. Las Moradas del Temple: ICING ON THE CAKE.

    Mirambel village.
    Population: 100 inhabitants.
    Price: from € 80/pp and half board.
    No kitchen. Meals provided.
    Standard: ****Hotel.

  • Font del Pas

    Beceite, the wilder heart of the Matarranya at the entrance of the mountain massif Els Ports.

    Beceite village.
    Population: 600 inhabitants.
    Price: from € 70/pp and day (half pension).
    No kitchen. Meals provided.
    Standard: ***Hotel.

  • Casa Sara

    Cantavieja, a Templar village and stronghold of the Carlist rebel Ramón Cabrera, The Tiger of El Maestrazgo.

    Cantavieja village.
    Population: 800 inhabitants.
    Price: from € 35/pp and AD.
    Fully equipped kitchen.
    Standard: Casa Rural (Guest house/apartment).

  • Casa Moliner

    Cuevas de Cañart, a Templar village emerges like a powered-telluric centre.

    Cuevas de Cañart village.
    Population: 70 inhabitants.
    Price: from € 33/pp and day.
    Fully equipped kitchen.
    Standard: Casa Rural (Guest house/apartment).

Spain is still one of the world’s greatest destination to fully immerse in solitude.

  • Consider train travel.

    Fly sustainable to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Peaceful retire.

    You do not need schedule time in your calendar for solitude, you feel the beat of solitude all around
  • Churches, Medieval Towns and Castles

    During Reconquest, when the Templars were fighting the Moors, towns were developed fortified like castles.
  • The Friendliness of the People.

    Spain has had a very long tradition of hospitality. Hosts are more readily prepared to go that extra step to help you.
  • Cost of Living and food.