• 383 km /238 miles
  • 6 days cycling. 34h walking time
  • Climb: 7.196 m / 23.609ft
  • Tour difficulty: Moderate / Challenging
Detailed Tour

Detailed Tour


Meet up in Beceite. Briefing.

In the second half of the 12th century, the Order of the Knights Templar conquered this Moorish settlement Abu-Zeit. Beceite located at an altitude of 579 m in the foothills of the rugged mountain massif of the Puertos de Beceite, which we see in the distance. Population 600 inhabitants.


Valderrobres - Castellote

73 km.

Ride inside the region of Bajo Aragón - Matarranya, through lonely villages in the middle of Mediterranean forest and among blossoming almond trees. The Spanish Tuscany. Enjoy Belmonte de San José and Castellote templar castle.


Castellote - Villarroya de los Pinares.

85 km.

Another order of knight monks, the Order of Malt (Sant John), also received dominion over areas that had been conquered. Sant John were given control over Pitarque, Villarroya de los Pinares (1190), Fortanete (1202) and Sollavientos, who belonged to the encomienda (commandery) Aliaga. After the dissolution of the Order of the Templars, the commanderies of Cantavieja and Castellote were also given to the Hospitallers. The management of the Hospitallers over these regions was only ended in 1813, when the feudal management form for Spanish villages was generally abolished.


High Maestrazgo. Villarroya de los Pinares - Cantavieja.

35 km.

A mas or a masía is a farm, sometimes reinforced with a tower yet it is a way of life. This type of buildings came up in the 14th century, when the battle against the Moors was over and the farmers no longer had to live in the fortified villages and towns.

They are usually scattered alone around the country or in small groups together. Around Cantavieja -a Templar village and stronghold of the Carlist rebel Ramón Cabrera, The Tiger of El Maestrazgo- for example, there are 125 masias. During this time many masias have been abandoned and often already partly collapsed, or they are only used as a farmyards, while the farmer's family lives in the village.


Cantavieja loop. Mirambel- La Cañada - Villarluengo - Tronchón - Cantavieja.

68 km.

Climb up to the karstic moorland landscapes. The way goes up to get Cuarto Pelado mountain pass and then the road drops through many bends reaching Cañada de Benatanduz 1.492 m above sea level. Excellent sceneries. Go on to Villarluengo perched at the cliff and eventually last effort to Mirambel and climb up to Cantavieja.


Cantavieja-Iglesuela del Cid-Cinctorres-Morella.

50 km

La Iglesuela del Cid a Templar village laid on The Way of El Cid The Knight. Man is largely absent , on the route but has mades his mark through terrace farming and dry walling, now just about finished. Villages tend to be spread well apart. Excellent descent to Cinctorres to have a rest.


Morella - Herbés - Valderrobres - Beceite.

72 km.

Violent activities, exemptions, taxes immunity for criminals and assassins. The border with Islam became a place of refuge for people fleeing from their past: murderers, thieves, debtors, people with no family ties. A war-oriented society, which would serve as the foundation to repopulate and develop new chance. The Temple was dissolved in 1308 and after violent revolts in the area, its possessions were acquired by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and Montesa.


Transfer to bus connection / hired car / train station. Farewell.

What is included in this picturesque tour?



  • 8 days / 7 nights / 6 days cycling.
  • Briefing at spot is delivered.
  • Half board.
  • Route book (maps and notes send by mail).
  • 24/7 emergency telephone number.
  • Taxes.

Not included

  • Transport to local start point and return.
  • Picnic.
  • Insurance.
  • Bike.
  • Baggage transport.


  • Transportation to starting point from any airport and back.
  • Extended stays.
  • Divide stages.
  • Baggage transport: 122 EUR / party.

* 30% deposit at booking. The rest to be paid 30 days prior to departure. Read conditions.

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ pictures

Travelers’ perceptions

Travelers’ perceptions

I have found something astonishing even in a hasty succession of scenes. I have found the triumph of time and nature over human endeavour though on the other hand, very noble remains of that defeat. The eye is often carried below, into these depths of solitude. This is how I experienced the week riding my bike on these mountains. ˮ

Jerome — Amsterdam. The Nederlands

We wanted something challenge and at the same time discovering this very empty part of Spain. Visitors are not that common, with the exception of locals and very few tourist. This route gets about as far away as is possible from the madding crowd. The route is described in 6 stages, but consideration should be given to spending more time exploring the countryside and new alternative routes and cultural places related with knights.ˮ

Tinna & Marianne — Aalborg. Denmark

We very much enjoyed the cycling tour through the Maestrazgo last week. The weather was great and  the landscapes were amazing . We saw  birds, mammals  and flowers we had not seen before. The folks we stayed with for the night  and who provided us with dinner and breakfast where always very friendly and helpful. So in a nutshell, a trip we shall not forget. Thanks.ˮ

Wim & Marianne — Antwerpen. België