• Els Ports The Three Kingdoms Trail

    The Spanish War of Independence, Carlist wars of succession, Anarchist revolts, Civil War, regular disruptions that have carved out rebel heart of the Three Kingdoms.

    Total distance on foot: 98 km (61 miles).

    Total approximate time: 39 h.

    Real walking time: 29 h.

    Level: moderate difficulty.

    8 days / 7 nights / 6 days walking.

    Comments: One optional rest day.

  • Picos de Europa hiking

    The power of the scenery is one of the pillars of this week. It shows contrast between untouched-wild beauty and human efforts to control it.


    Total distance on foot: 108 km (61 miles).

    Total approximate time: 45 h.

    Real walking time: 33 h.

    Level: moderate / challenging difficulty.

    8 days / 7 nights / 6 days walking.

    Comments: Cable-cabin way and cabin-train. There are 3 excursions where taking one of these will be possible and give us relief.

  • Pirineos Centrales

    Seis de las más bellas excursiones por Pirineos Centrales.

    Lo originalmente telúrico no ha sido eliminado totalmente de nuestro cuerpo y alma. Relación entre glaciar, roca y paisaje. Circos glaciares de Balaitus, Panticosa, Gavarnie, Vignemale y Troumouse.

    Kms totales a pie: 84 km (52 millas).

    Tiempo total: 38 h.

    Tiempo real caminado: 30,5 h.

    Dificultad: moderada.

    8 días / 7 noches / 6 días de excursiones.

    Comentarios: Casi todos los días existen opciones de reducir los tiempos, desniveles y dificultad. En función de la meteorología y del grupo adoptaremos decisiones .

  • Gorges of Maestrazgo

    Hiking Gorges of Maestrazgo and Guadalope river are a popular scenic area at the northwestern end of the Maestrazgo border. Many trails give different levels of challenge for hikers, including some that take you to the tops of escarpment for scenic views of the areas. The most popular are Pitarque Springs, Estrechos de Aliaga and Organos de Montoro.

    Total distance on foot: 50 km (31 miles).

    Total approximate time: 19 h.

    Real walking time: 14 h.

    Level: easy / moderate difficulty.

    5 days / 4 nights / 4 days walking.

    Comments: Max. 8 people. Booking period will be open until 15th February.

  • Pirineos la travesía

    Durante siglos, los Pirineos han sido un hito natural y cultural, y la historia de la región es tan compleja como su topografía. Encuentros regulares con paisajes que emocionan. Imágenes que te ‘esperan’ e inspiran. El resultado es el testimonio de una frontera: sitios y gentes.

    Transpirenáica distancia total caminada: 165 km (103 miles).

    Horas aproximadas de excursión: 73 h.

    Tiempo real caminando: 60 h.

    Nivel dificultad transpirenáica: moderado.

    12 días / 11 noches / 12 excursiones.

    Comentario: Días de descanso opcionales.

  • Cabo de Gata

    Coastal landscapes always pair the sea off with the land, and in this relationship between both we discover their occupation stories, causes of weathering, geological past, botanical configuration. The Cabo de Gata Natural Park is an extraordinary-contrasted inland volcanic desert of lights and colors.

    Total distance by foot: 77 km (48 miles).

    Total approximate time: 28 h.

    Real walking time: 24 h.

    Level: easy difficulty.

    7 days / 6 nights / 5 days walking.

    Comments: One optional rest day.

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